Animal Shelter

About the Shelter

The City of Jerome Animal Shelter acts as a haven for unwanted and stray dogs. With one Animal Control Officer and one full time Kennel Attendant, the Jerome Animal Shelter cares for the four legged dogs in need daily while also meeting the needs of the community by responding to calls regarding stray, lost, abused and neglected animals.

In addition, a strong volunteer force also cares for the dogs and make this temporary home as comfortable as it can be. Each dog anxiously waits to become a member of a new family and find their forever home.

That combined with strong relationships having been built with various rescue organizations and humane societies allows the shelter to maintain a very low euthanasia rate due to over crowding.

Adoptions & Reporting an Issue

If you are interested in adopting a new member of your family visit us on Facebook to view the dogs we presently have housed in our shelter just waiting for you to come rescue them! Come down to the shelter and meet our beloved dogs or call the shelter at 208-324-8436 or 208-324-1911 to set up an appointment time with our Animal Control Officer or to report an animal issue.

"Centuries from now it will not matter about the house we lived in or how much money we made in a lifetime....but the world may be better because we helped some of God's little animals on this earth during our life span." - Elie Wiesel (Nobel Peace Laureate)