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  • 152 East Avenue A, Jerome, Idaho 83338  (208)324-8189x131

    Contact Information

    Building Official - Dave Richey 

    Fax: (208)324-8204
    email: drichey@ci.jerome.id.us

    Hours of Operation

    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Please call for an appointment to ensure that staff is available and not performing off-site inspections.

    General Information

    The Department of Building Safety & Code Enforcement is comprised of two employees. The primary responsibility is to assist customers who are planning to build or remodel homes or commercial property within the City of Jerome.

    The department reviews plans, issues building permits, conducts inspections to insure proper construction and authorizes occupancy for completed projects or occupancy of existing commercial buildings.

    The city has adopted the latest version of the International Building Code, International Residential Code, International Energy Code, and the International Fire Code.  The construction valuation and permit fees are based on the 1997 Uniform Building Code. Plans submitted for a building that is to be used for commercial purposes must be stamped by an Idaho license architect or engineer and all submittals must include Energy Code Compliance Worksheets. All buildings must meet the following design standards: Frost depth of 24", Wind load of 90 MPH, Roof Snow Load of 30# per square foot and Seismic Zone C.

    Informational brochures are available on how to obtain a building permit for all types of structures including Manufactured Homes and fabricated commercial buildings.

    Residential building permits are generally ready to be issued within one week after being submitted for review. Commercial building permits will be ready in approximately two to four weeks.

    For questions regarding the approval of material for a particular use contact www.ICC.org.

    Code Enforcement division deals with the property Maintenance such as accumulation of garbage, bulky waste, rubbish, waste matter, weeds, hazardous materials, construction debris, stable matter and dead animals it also deals with abandon vehicles on the street or unlicensed / expired plates, trailers parked on the street or any other adopted Municipal codes.

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