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152 East Avenue A, Jerome, Idaho 83338  (208)324-8189x141

Mission Statement

The mission of the Information Services Department is: to analyze, develop, install and maintain the City of Jerome's computer systems and network infrastructure; to work closely with the department heads to resolve questions of program intent and data requirements, and then provide the departments with both hardware and software to accommodate both the their needs and the budget restraints; to provide geographic information system service for planning and development; to remain committed to continuing education to keep up with the changing technology; and to maintain the City of Jerome's Web Page and pursue the implementation of E-Government for service delivery, economic development, politics, public education, and image building.


IS Dept Photo (Tony, Kathy, Joan, Angie) 

The City Council for the City of Jerome recognized the necessity and the growing demand for technology in daily activities, and established the Department of Information Services in 2001. The IS Department now has 3 full time employees.


Contact Information

The information Services Department currently has four employees: 






Title Name Phone Number
Department Manager

Katherine Markus

208-324-8189 x 141
GIS Analyst

Joan Appell

208-324-9669 x 231
GIS Tech II Angie Haddock
208-324-9669 x 232


Support is also available by Email.