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Community Development Director

Zoe Monahan

Community Development Director

208-324-8189 x 101


Zoe Monahan joined the City of Jerome in August 2012.  In addition to Planning and Zoning, Zoe directs all economic development activities, communications, and publications for the City of Jerome.  In addition, she is the Director of the Jerome Urban Renewal Agency.  Before coming to Jerome, she worked for the City of Sherwood, Oregon and Washington County, Oregon. Zoe earned a Master's of Public Administration from Portland State University's Mark O. Hatfield School of Government with a specialization in local government. She also earned a Bachelor's of Arts in Planning, Public Policies and Management from the University of Oregon.  


Administrative Assistant

Paula Thompson

Planning and Zoning Administrative Assistant



Paula Thompson joined the City of Jerome in September 1989.  She has worked in various capacities in the Administration and Utility offices.  She currently serves as Administrative Assistant to Jerome's Fire Chief, as well as Planning and Zoning.      


Administrative Assistant

Esmeralda Chavez

Administrative Assistant

208-324-8189 x 153


Esmeralda Chavez joined the City of Jerome in December 2013. She serves as the Administrative Assistant to the City Administrator and the Community Development Director. She prepares the City Newsletter and provides planning assistance to community members as well as developers. Esmeralda also acts as a liaison between our Hispanic community and the Planning & Zoning department as an interpreter explaining code language, application processes and answering general zoning questions. Esmeralda is a Jerome native and obtained her education from Boise State University.