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The mission of the Jerome Police Department is to work with others to deliver high quality police services that promote and preserve an atmosphere of security, safety, and high quality of life for the members of the community








The City of Jerome is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. In order to maintain anChief of Police atmosphere of safety and security, the Jerome Police Department provides a variety of police services to the citizens and visitors of the Jerome community. These services include keeping the peace, law enforcement, criminal investigation, traffic safety enforcement, and other services that promote public safety. The Police Department strives for excellence through solid leadership and effective selection, training, and retention of quality police employees. Members of the Police Department are encouraged not only to respond to crime, but also to work with the community to solve problems and reduce the effects and fear of crime. We at Jerome Police Department strive to perform our duties with integrity and professionalism and we are proud to serve our citizens and visitors.


Dan Hall

Chief of Police


News and Events

Jerome Police Drug Detection Team Hits the Streets

Officer Jason Summers and his canine partner Biz are the Jerome Police Department’s newest drug detection team. Though both have been working for the department for some time, they were only recently paired together. Officer Summers has been working for the Jerome Police Department since 2011 and had several years of law enforcement experience before coming to the Jerome Police Department (JPD). Biz was obtained by the JPD in 2012 and served with another handler. In late 2013, the officer handling Biz left to work for another police agency and Officer Summers was selected to be the department’s new dog handler. Though Biz was an experienced drug detection dog, Officer Summers was not an experienced handler and new handlers must undergo a minimum of 160 hours of training before becoming detection certified.


In order to meet training requirements and develop the officer and canine into a team, Officer Summers and Biz attended the Detector Dog Course at the Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Academy. The detector course is an intense 8 week class that uses reality-based training to prepare the dog/handler team for the conditions they will experience on the street. Officer Summers and Biz successfully graduated from the course on March 6, 2014. Upon returning to Jerome, the new team completed another rigorous testing process to become certified in Idaho. The pair are now actively patrolling the streets of Jerome as a fully trained team. On their first night of patrol, Biz alerted on a ½ ounce of methamphetamine which resulted in an arrest. Officer Summers and Biz are a valuable resource helping promote a safe living environment within the Jerome community.


The City has had a K-9 program for over ten years and has had three K-9 dogs serve the community during that time period. Previous detection dogs include Buster, a Chocolate Labrador and Kenzo, a Belgian Malinois/Dutch Shepard cross.  Biz is of Belgian Malinois breed.


k-9 officer

Pumping Gas to Make Dreams Come True

A police officer approaches the vehicle as it comes to a stop. The driver watches nervously wondering “what does this officer want with me?” “Good morning ma’am,” says the officer, “may I fill it up and wash the windshield?”  This is not a traffic stop, but an event to benefit Idaho’s Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics has been making dreams come true for 47 years. Founded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver in 1968, the Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organization for people with intellectual disabilities. Through the power of sports, people with intellectual disabilities discover new strengths and abilities, skills and success. Special Olympics athletes find joy, confidence, and fulfillment both on the playing field and in life. Here in Idaho this year, 864 athletes throughout the state have participated in traditional summer events including aquatics, basketball, and cycling as well as numerous other summer sports.

Funding is an important part of ensuring that Special Olympics continues to meet the needs of special athletes. Law Enforcement has a long relationship with Special Olympics promoting fundraisers and public awareness. On Saturday, September 19th, Jerome area public safety personnel partnered with Idaho Special Olympics and the Jerome Maverik store for the annual “Fueling Dreams” event. For about six hours, members of the Jerome County Sheriff’s Office, Jerome Police Department, and Jerome Fire Department pumped gas and washed windows in exchange for donations to benefit Idaho Special Olympics. Approximately 15 local public safety officers participated in the event raising about $1,600 for the cause. Events like this help ensure that Special Olympics will continue to make dreams come true.

Fueling Dreams       Fueling Dreams

Fueling Dreams

New Highway Safety Teen Website:

Have you checked our new Teen Website yet? Here is a link to an article at Idaho Transportation Dept. Transporters: http://itd.idaho.gov/transporter/2011/072911_Trans/072911_TeenDriveWebsite.html

You can view the new Teen Website directly at: www.idahoteendriving.org


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