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Chip Seal 2016 Map

New phone number- if you call Public Works at 324-9669 and then enter option 4 you can listen to a recorded voice message on current road projects, closures or other information.

Road Closures;

4/10/13 Currently 3rd Ave West is closed so that the Water main and Irrigation line can be replaced. for more information call Public Works at 324-9669 

Chip seal Project; 

Staff has been sealing the cracks on South Lincoln in preparation for this year's Chip sealing Program

Snow Removal;

The first snow is always so exciting; snowmen, snow angels and hot chocolate!  However, for the Public Works Department, it means snow removal season begins. Because of the costs associated with snow removal, not every road is plowed. The cost is estimated to be $300 per lane mile.  Last winter Public Works provided 167 lane miles of removal which totals $50,100. To limit the expenses while still providing for public safety, prior to dispatching the snow plows, there must be at least 6 inches of snow on the ground and that snow must be expected to stick for several days.  Sand is not used on the intersections until the roadway becomes icy.

Primary streets that serve multiple areas of the city are plowed first.  The focus on these streets ensures major arterial access for emergency vehicles. The secondary routes are streets that branch off of the primary routes into the neighborhoods. Residential streets are only plowed after the primary and secondary are cleared.  When there are back to back storms, the primary and secondary streets may be plowed several times and the residential will remain untouched. The snow that is plowed on the residential streets will be plowed to the side of the road. If possible, park off of the street and allow time in the morning to clear your driveway.

While the City maintains the roads, property owners are responsible for clearing sidewalks adjacent to their property.  Sidewalks should be cleared within 24 hours of a snow event and the snow should not be shoveled into the roadways.

Another item to remember during the cold season is that if you have a cluster mailbox; do not drive onto the sidewalks to retrieve your mail.  Driving on the sidewalk packs snow and ice on the sidewalk and creates a hazard for postal workers and pedestrians.

Be extra cautious while driving on the snow.  Do not pass the snow plows or sanders, and follow the sanders at a safe distance (at least 30 feet). 

The City of Jerome makes every effort to balance public safety with fiscal responsibilities.  The snow removal map will help you to determine the safest roads to travel after a major snow storm.  If you plan your route in advance, to include the roads that have scheduled plowing and sanding, you will have a much more pleasant driving experience and you will have time to play in the snow!