Animal Shelter

About the Shelter

The City of Jerome Animal Shelter is a small facility that acts as a safe haven for lost/found, abandoned, and unwanted dogs within the city and county of Jerome. Our facility operates with one Animal Control Officer, one full time, and one part time Shelter Attendant.  We have a 14-kennel facility and operate on a fixed budget. On average, our facility takes in roughly five hundred dogs a year. We cannot take in dogs from outside the city and county of Jerome. We also do not have the ability to facilitate any cats or exotic pets.  

We take pride in our facility, keeping it clean and fresh for our dogs and the public. We work extremely hard to reunite lost dogs to their owners, find loving homes for those abandoned, and find the right facilities for dogs with special needs and/or behavioral issues. We also try to help our community solve problems with their dogs by providing solutions such as referrals to expert trainers. We provide a pet food pantry for the community who struggle with feeding their pets. 

We work closely with our volunteers, rescues, and community to make sure every dog that comes into our care finds their way to their “forever home.” We believe every dog deserves a second chance. We operate heavily through Social media and word of mouth. 

With the combined efforts of our staff, volunteers, community and rescue/shelters we save many and find loving homes for dogs in our community. Through our efforts we strive to fight against over-population and disease outbreak in our area. 

Reporting an  Animal Related Issue

The city of Jerome Animal Shelter works hand in hand with our police department. If you are having trouble catching a stray dog, need to make a noise complaint and/or want to report the abuse of an animal, please contact Dispatch to speak with our Animal Control Officer (208)324-1911.

If you are missing a pet or have found one and you would like to report it lost/found please contact the City of Jerome Animal Shelter (208)324-8436.