Be a Part of the Solution

How You Can Help the Dogs in the Shelter

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 Our facility has a hardworking, dedicated staff but they can only do so much! We welcome animal loves to join our team and do what they can to assist us in caring for these dogs. What can you do to help?  What if you don’t have a lot of time? What if you cannot donate money? Here are some options:

Become a Volunteer   

Volunteer Application Here

Volunteering at our shelter is quite a treat! Every day you will be meeting new dogs, interacting with our shelter staff and providing an enriching environment!  Our volunteers are largely involved in our enrichment program, providing stress relief and exercise for our dogs.     Volunteers get to participate in any events the shelter holds, are welcome to cover kennel shifts, transport dogs to their designated rescues/shelters, and become foster families to dogs in need. 

We welcome high school students wanting to learn more about “Shelter Life” teaching them about how our facility operates. We accept in groups of young minds who want to give back to their community and/or want to learn more about our animal shelter. We also provide shift openings for some with court ordered community service.


Foster Application Here    Volunteer Application Here

Becoming a foster for the City of Jerome Animal Shelter is a large responsibility. But with responsibility comes reward. You will get to take a home a suitable dog for your home, train it, feed it and provide it with much needed love! We offer a variety of choices of the kind of foster family you would like to be! 

Being a foster helps reduce overpopulation in our shelter.  It also helps our staff learn more about each individual dog, giving that dog the best opportunity to find its perfect home! You will be a part of this dog’s journey from the start, providing adorable photos to share with the community, bringing the dog to different adoption events and helping this dog become the best version of himself/herself.  Please fill out our application if this is the right choice for you!


Transport Application Here  Volunteer Application Here

Transporters are the backbone of our shelter. Due to our facility being so small, we can become over populated quickly, we transport dogs to other facilities on a regular basis. Transport Volunteers sign up to be a part of moving one dog or multiple dogs to other facilities, giving the dog(s) more opportunities for adoption. This experience is highly rewarding, you spend quality time on the road with a dog(s), see some pretty amazing sites along the way and connect with people who love animals as much as you! If you are somebody who loves being on the road, please fill out our application!


If you see a dog in our shelter that you want to “sponsor” you can specifically donate funds towards that specific dogs spay/neuter and rabies vaccination. We will make all the arrangements through a local veterinarian and you would directly pay the veterinarian for the service. Dogs that are already spayed/neutered are easier to adopt.

In addition, population control is extremely important for our dog community and it helps to prevent dogs from ending up in the shelter in the first place; the vast majority of dogs in the shelter are not spayed/neutered and are running at large due to their desire to find a mate. The cost to sponsor a dog’s neuter or spay is $50. This cost includes the neuter/spary procedure, rabies vaccination, and City license.

Call the Shelter at 208-324-8436 for more information