We Have the Available Labor

Jerome boasts a booming economy and a rapidly growing population and is a leader in growth for the Magic Valley region. This growth is indicative of the City of Jerome's commitment to infrastructure investments targeted to develop a sound economic environment which is favorable to business and development. For the most up-to-date labor statistics, visit the Idaho Department of Labor website.

The City of Jerome is the county seat with a population of 10,890 residents (2010 Census). With a strong base of highly skilled workers, Jerome is able to meet the diverse needs of employers such as Hilex Poly, an advanced plastics manufacturer that makes grocery bags, and Idaho Milk Products, a new state-of-the-art milk processing plant. The dairy industry continues to anchor the community and the regional economy drawing feeder businesses such as Jerome Cheese, Darigold, Idaho Milk Products, and WOW Logistics.

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Residential construction continues steadily despite the economic slowdown with big draws due to a prime location accessible to Interstate 84 and Highways 25 and 93 as well as very affordable real estate. Investments in new technology, business and industrial parks such as the Crossroads Point Business Center at I-84 and US-93 and the 93 Technology Park, will position Jerome for significant growth over the next decade.

Economic Outlook

The economic outlook is positive and optimistic with new development continuing to add to the portfolio of Jerome and with the completion of several on-going projects, such as the newly constructed Idaho Milk Products facility located within the City of Jerome. Development steadily continues at Crossroads Point Business Center, which boasts a Wingate Hotel, Fastenal, Idaho Wind Partners, Freightliner, and the restored "Heritage Center."

The concerted efforts of economic development professionals in the region towards building renewable energy industries is expected to pay off over the next decade, especially in Jerome with its convenient location and great access on the Interstate 84 corridor.

Urban Renewal Agency

In addition to location, cost of doing business, and favorable labor statistics, Jerome is home to one of Idaho's most successful urban renewal agencies. The Jerome Urban Renewal Agency has been a leader in the removal and redevelopment of slum and blight areas while building a robust economy. For more information on the Jerome Urban Renewal Agency call the Community Development Director at 208-324-8189, ext. 101.