We Have the Location

Interstate 84 is the main artery of commerce across the State of Idaho, linking the Midwest and Eastern United States with the Pacific Northwest. Exits along all interstates have become hubs of economic activity for the local communities, increasing job growth and improving amenities to rural areas. Shipping, distributing, manufacturing, agricultural, and industry are all thriving components of the Jerome and Magic Valley economy.

Vacant land is available at all three Jerome interstate exits and are already serviced with power, sewer, water, gas, and fiber optic lines. Along with the interstate, Jerome is a corridor for thousands of recreationists en route to Sun Valley for skiing, hiking, and other outdoor opportunities.

Available Land & Buildings

For the most recent listings of available land and buildings, visit the Idaho Department of Commerce sponsored website, Gem State Prospector.

For any questions on incentives or general information concerning any vacant buildings or lots, call the Community Development Office at 208-324-8189.

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