Other Services

The utility office also handles requests and reservations for the following services. These services are only available during the summer months


The City of Jerome provides a chipper service for brush and tree limbs. Service is limited depending on limb size. There is a $20 non-refundable charge for this service. Chipping is usually done once a week on Mondays and is dependent upon the Public Works departments' workload. To request this service please come into City Hall and complete the application.

Dump Truck

The City of Jerome provides a dump truck service for residential properties. The dump truck can be requested for any day of the week. The truck will be delivered to the desired location early on the requested morning and will be picked up the following morning. The city has 3 trucks available and are on a first come first serve basis.

There is a $30 charge for this service, and there are limitations as to what can be placed in them. If you would like to reserve a dump truck you will need to come to City Hall and complete the application.

Park Reservations

Do you have a family reunion, birthday party or class reunion coming up? The City of Jerome has 5 parks that are available for reservation for non-commercial use. This is a free service. Parks can be reserved any day of the week and for as many hours as needed. The 5 parks available through the City are:

To reserve a park you must come into City Hall and complete the application with the city clerk.