Uniform Services Division


The Uniform Services Division is the most visible part of the Jerome Police Department and is the “front-line” in protecting the community. Officers assigned to the Patrol section of the Jerome Police Department are dedicated and trained professionals who must be mentally and physically prepared to respond and handle any type of crime or request for service from the community. Officers of the Patrol section are the first to respond to all crimes in progress, emergency situations, traffic collisions, and other “calls for service” that are received by the Department.

The Patrol section works closely with the Investigative Division, Social Workers, community service workers, and other citizen groups to provide a full range of professional services. The Patrol section is an essential part of both preventing and solving crime. They work daily to advance the community policing goals currently in place by the Department.

Daily Patrol Activities

Daily patrol activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Enforcement of city ordinances as well as state and federal laws
  • Fire and ambulance assistance
  • Initial investigation and documentation of delayed and in progress crimes
  • Proactive police patrol and crime prevention
  • Traffic control
  • Traffic enforcement
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Working With the Community

In order to be as effective as possible, it is imperative that Patrol Officers are able to effectively communicate with the people they serve and members of the community. Police officers work together with the Jerome community in areas of public education and crime prevention.

We ask that citizens get involved and become a partner with the Police Department, willing to report crimes and suspicious activity. The Police Department recognizes the need for community participation in keeping the City of Jerome a safe place to live and work.


Reserve Officers are part-time volunteer police personnel who augment the Police Department in providing law enforcement services for the citizens of Jerome City. Reserve Officers have the same duties, responsibilities, and mission goals as their full time peers. Reserve Officers wear the same uniforms, have the same badges, and must meet all the education, training, and duty requirements established by Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) and the Jerome Police Department.

Reserve Officers assist full time officers in the areas of patrol, criminal investigation, special events, and other times where extra police personnel are needed. Reserve Officers provide a valuable service to the Jerome Police Department and the citizens of Jerome.