Animal Control

The Jerome Police Department has one full time Animal Control Officer. His duties consist of routine patrolling of the City for violations of animal control ordinance and other appropriate laws. The Animal Control Officer also investigates animal bites, animal abuse complaints, impounds, and quarantines animals as appropriate.

The Animal Control Officer answers calls for service relating to violations and/or problems. The Officer issues citations as necessary in order to enforce laws and ordinances.

Animal Impoundment

If you know or believe that your animal has been impounded, you will need to call the Animal Shelter at 208-324-8436 during normal business hours. After hours, contact the non-emergency dispatch center at 208-324-1911.

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Someone will meet with you at the shelter to release the animal to the owner. If the owner can not pick up the animal, they will need to inform dispatch of their consent and the name of person taking the animal out of impound. The impound fee is $25 when the dog is returned to the owner. There is also a $5 boarding fee, per day, starting the second day the dog is boarded at the shelter.

Dog Requirements

All dogs kept, harbored or maintained in the city shall be licensed and registered by their owner. Dog licenses are sold at the Jerome Police Station. You must bring in a current copy of rabies vaccination for all dogs 6 months and older.

No person shall have or sell more than 3 dogs at a time without a valid and proper kennel license issued by the City of Jerome. Please refer to the City Municipal Code for more information.

Dog License

Dog Licenses are available at the Jerome Police Department. (These licenses are not sold through the mail.) Please bring a copy of the dog's current proof of rabies vaccination. Licenses will not be issued without proof of vaccination. It is not necessary to bring your dog to the Police Department at the time of licensing.

The cost for licenses are as follows:

  • Neutered/Spayed 1 Year: $2
  • Neutered/Spayed 3 Years: $3
  • Not Neutered/Spayed 1 Year: $4
  • Not Neutered/Spayed 3 Years: $6

Keeping You Informed

Keeping unwanted wildlife at bay tends to be a difficult task. We wanted to share a link to a great article that provides some good advice relating to this topic. The article outlines some suggestions that can be applied to prevent different types of animals from intruding onto your property. For any specific questions regarding the removal of unwanted pests within city limits please contact our animal control officer by calling the dispatch center at 208-324-1911.