Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention Efforts in Jerome

The Jerome Police Department takes its role in keeping the community safe very seriously. Members of the Police Department are encouraged not only to respond to crime but also to work with the community and other entities to reduce the effects and fear of crime. Police Officers are not merely enforcers of the law, but problem solvers who strive to find reasonable solutions to issues of concern.

Crime Prevention Comic

It is the intent of the Police Department to work with others to ensure the City of Jerome is a place where we ourselves, as members of the community, wish to live and raise our families. We have gathered a variety of useful tips and techniques the help prevent crime.

Recent Scams in Our Area

Despite efforts to raise awareness regarding different scams, they are still taking place in our community. Recently, a new type of scam was brought to our attention. A scam artist called a citizen to inform them they had won a car. The caller told the citizen that they would have to pay the taxes upfront before becoming the recipient of the new vehicle.

The caller instructed his targeted victim to meet him at Wal-Mart, in order to conduct this transaction. Thankfully, the meeting didn't take place. However, because the caller was allegedly going to meet them in person, this poses concern to our department. Please do not fall victim to these scams, and report these incidents to our dispatch center by calling 208-324-1911.

Child Predator Phishing Scam

A new type of Phishing Scam to be aware of is the Child Predator Phishing Scam. Phishing emails are sent out containing links to websites that are infected with malware.

If you receive an email with a subject line alerting you that there is a child predator living near you, don’t open the email since it could possibly infect your computer. Instead, visit the Idaho sex offender registry to access data on any sex offenders living in your area.

Tax Scams

Being tax season, we have seen an increase of individuals targeted with various IRS scams. In a frequent scam hitting our area, victims receive aggressive or threatening phone calls from a scam artist presenting themselves as IRS agents, the individual tells the victim that they owe taxes to the IRS.

If you receive any suspicious calls consult your accountant or visit the IRS website for more information.

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Also, please see the attached warning from the Idaho Attorney General's office. Tax Scam Warning