Burglary Prevention

Our homes can never be 100% safe. One serious crime to which every person is vulnerable is burglary. If someone wants to enter your house, they will find a way inside. What can you do? Slow them down! Every home has the means of slowing down a crook.

Most commonly, burglaries are crimes of opportunity. An open garage door, an accumulation of newspapers or darkened houses in the early evening are open invitations to a would-be burglar. If unattended, keep your garage doors closed. Have a neighbor pick up your newspapers, put a timer on an interior light if you are going to be away, and don't forget to use double key deadbolts on your exterior doors.

Tips to Discourage a Burglar

Remember to report all suspicious activity, and if it can be done safely, record license plates of suspicious vehicles that you may see. The following are some tips to help discourage a would-be burglar.

  1. Alarms
  2. Locks
  3. Lighting
  4. Yards
  5. Mailbox
  6. Garage
  7. Solid Doors
  8. Neighborhood Relations
  9. Key Security

There are many types of alarms available commercially. The most important factor in selecting an alarm is to determine what your individual needs are and then select an alarm which will best meet these needs.