The City of Jerome protects your drinking water both at the "source" (please visit the "Water "Department" page for details), and after it has entered the distribution system. one way that we do so in the system is through the Cross connection program or more commonly known as the Backflow program. If you have any questions please call Public Works at 208-324-9669.

Backflow Equipment

New Backflow Ordinance

There is a newly passed Ordinance 1096 (PDF), the changes which staff feel are going to have the most impact to the citizens are:

  • All devices will be required to be tested yearly prior to June 1st , this means you will need employ a tester on the list of approved testers (PDF), ahead of time to make sure your device gets inspected and passes it's performance testing to prevent your water service from being shut off.
  • Upon written notice of deficiency the owner shall have 15 days to make corrections, if corrections are not made within this time frame the process of termination of service will begin.