Source Water Protection Video

View a video starring Idaho State Bicycling Champion Rick Greenawald, which was produced in cooperation with the City of Jerome and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality to bring attention to "Source Water Protection".

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

View past drinking water quality reports in our Archive Center.

Marshall Well Booster Station

Marshall Well Booster Station

Average Water Hardiness

The average water hardness is 203 milligrams per liter or 11.87 grains per gallon.

Backflow Program

Please remember that your backflow device is required to be tested annually by June 1st. View a list of approved backflow assembly testers. For more information, please visit the backflow page

Freezing Weather

The following are some suggestions to help you if your pipes freeze:

  • You can use an electric heat gun or hair dryer to warm frozen areas.
  • If only one faucet in your home is frozen and not working, then the freeze is in the water supply to that faucet only.
  • Try feeling the pipes running to that fixture. If one area is much colder than others, that’s likely where the freeze is.
  • If a pipe that’s frozen is in a crawl space, you can put an indoor space heater in the crawl space to warm it, although please be very careful an unattended heater can be very dangerous!
  • If you have a non-insulated soft water loop in your garage, that’s often the location of a freeze that’s affecting your home.
  • Importantly, you should never use an open flame or any large heater made for outdoor use inside or under your home to thaw frozen pipes. You can easily start a major fire this way.