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We have the Low Cost of Doing BusinessPower lines

The utility costs in Jerome represent some of the best prices in the entire country. Utilities in Jerome County and within the City of Jerome are provided by three major entities:


Idaho Power logo

Idaho Power provides electricity to the majority of residents and businesses in the Jerome area.  With all major renewable energy source represented in the Magic Valley Region (hydro, wind, solar, geothermal, nuclear) electricity in Jerome is extremely affordable.  Currently, hydroelectric generation accounts for 60% of total power production with the other renewable sources slowly making a larger impact on the grid.  For the most up-to-date energy prices or for large-industry rates, click the Idaho Power icon to the left or call the Economic Development Office at 324-8189.  

Intermountain Gas

 Intermountain Gas provides all natural gas needs for most of Southern Idaho. Intermountain Gas was recognized by J.D. Power for outstanding customer service. For the most up-to-date gas prices or for large-industry rates, click the Intermountain Gas icon to the right or call the Economic Development Office at 208-324-8189.


City of Jerome LogoThe City of Jerome provides treated well-water from the Snake River Aquifer.  Private wells are common in areas outside the City of Jerome. The City also provides all wastewater treatment services for all residents and industry in Jerome.  For the most up-to-date water and sewer rates, call 208-324-8189.