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Available GIS Maps

The following maps are in viewable in Adobe Reader.

Jerome Zoning Map

Jerome Zoning Map - Color coded map showing the City's zoning classes for each property.  Downloadable in Adobe PDF format.  1.6MB


Garbage Pickup Map Thumbnail

Garbage Pickup Map - Color coded map that shows the days of the week for garbage pick up in the different areas of the City.  Downloadable in Adobe PDF format.  578KB

Jerome Truck Route Map Thumbnail

Truck Route Map - Shows the travel route through the City for any vehicle or combined vehicle and trailer over 22 feet in length.  This would include but not limited to buses, trucks, and combined truck and trailers.  A vehicle over 22 feet in length can not make any turn at the intersection of Main St and Lincoln Ave.  Downloadable in Adobe PDF format.  125KB

Jerome Street Map Thumbnail

City Street Map - A street map within the City's corporate limits.  Downloadable in Adobe PDF format.  341KB

Jerome Impact Area Thumbnail

Impact Area Map - Showing the area of impact for the City of Jerome.  Boundaries are 200 North Rd to the north, Snake River Canyon to the south, 600 East Rd to the east and 200 West Rd to west.  Downloadable in Adobe PDF format.  805KB


Snow Removal- A color coded street map showing the snow plow road priority. Street priority is based upon emergency routes and main transportation routes.