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The investigations services of the Jerome Police Department are under the supervision of the Support Services Captain and consist of one Detective Sergeant, two Detectives, and two School Resource Officers.

Detectives are assigned to investigate crimes including burglary, motor vehicle theft, arson, theft, fraud, forgery and counterfeiting, weapons crimes, homicide, rape, assault, and robbery. School Resource Officers assist detectives with investigations at the schools and with general investigaitons in the summer months.

Detectives have specialized knowledge, skills and resources to investigate and solve cases, processs crime scenes, and collect, maintain, and dispose of evidence and property according to accepted protocols. Our Detectives collaborate with other investigators throughout the Magic Valley by participaing in the Magic Valley Investigators Group, and serving on the Magic Valley Critical Incident Task Force.

We feel a major part of our seccess is due to citizen involvement. Please take steps to protect yourself and your property to avoid beoming a victim. Report any information you may have to help solve crimes; you may remain anonymouse if you wish. By working together, we can make an impact on the problems that confront us, and improve the quality of life we all enjoy in our beautiful city.

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