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When a new business proposes to discharge wastewater to the City of Jerome Publically Owned Treatment Works (POTW), the City of Jerome must determine the characteristics of the proposed business’ wastewater in order to evaluate the potential impact on the POTW.

The City of Jerome Pretreatment Program requires that all proposed users submit a Discharge Approval Application, which discloses information such as contact information, business activities, chemicals used and/or stored onsite, and plumbing plans. The City of Jerome Pretreatment Program reviews the completed Discharge Approval Application to determine the following information:

  • If the proposed user has the potential to discharge any of the prohibited substances per Jerome Municipal Code 13.16.030;
  • If the proposed user will be required to install Preliminary Treatment per Jerome Municipal Code 13.16.060;
  • If additional information is needed.


    For new businesses, the Discharge Approval Application should be submitted to the City of Jerome along with construction drawings. The City of Jerome Pretreatment Program will not review construction drawings for approval until a complete Discharge Approval Application is received.  

    Existing businesses or other users that propose to modify their wastewater discharge may also be required to complete a Discharge Approval Application.

    Questions regarding the Discharge Approval process or any other Pretreatment-related items can be directed to the City of Jerome Pretreatment Coordinator at 208-324-7122 extension 211.